What is it? 

ADC (age 13-19) is a longer term program that can offer support to young people wanting more intensive support with mental health or alcohol or drug concerns. It is only internally referred - please speak to an ADL staff member if this interests you or you want to know more. ADC has a focus in using activity and outdoor experiences to help develop new skills to better manage difficult times. Young people on ADC will attend counselling sessions, day activities and may be offered a 4-9 day journey. We also offer a marae-based Journey. 


The goal of the programme is to assist young people to take more control and responsibility in their lives.
 The Journey is one key part of the ADC program. This video was made during a recent journey to show the families of the participants what they got up to and to remember the trip:




Eligible service users include:

  1. young people with alcohol and or other drug problems
  2. young people with co-existing mental health and alcohol and/or other drug disorders
  3. young people at risk of developing an alcohol and/or other drug disorders
  4. children, adolescents and youth with serious mental health disorders
  5. other children, adolescents and youth with suspected psychiatric disorders
  6. other children, adolescents and youth with psychological disorders including severe emotional and behaviour disturbance
The target age for clients of the service is 13-19 years.