Our Aim: To provide high quality services to assist young people and their families to live healthy valued lives

Adventure Development Ltd (ADL) is a not for profit organisation that aims to help young people & whanau who are dealing with alcohol & drug issues and/or mental health difficulties.  Click Here for a pdf with further info about ADL Services.


ADL has offices in DunedinTimaru and Invercargill but covers rural areas via mobile staff. We can see you at school, in the community or at home.  Contact us.


Our services are funded by the Southern District Health Board, South Canterbury DHB, and by the Ministry of Social Development and are free to clients and their families.


ADL’s origin dates back to 1992 when Psychologist Colin Goldthorpe merged strength based therapies, ecological models and the therapeutic use of the outdoors to create a pilot that has led to a 20+ year history of successfully assisting hundreds of young people and whanau to overcome obstacles and move forward into more happy and fulfilling lives. Now the outdoors is a component of some but not all of our work.


Our Kaupapa:

Each person is valuable and has the right to make decisions about their life. We also believe that people must learn to accept responsibility for their decisions and that this is often key in learning good decision making in the future. Adventure Development maintains a harm reduction focus meaning that the aim of intervention is to  lessen substance related harm to themselves and to others.  

All our young people possess strengths and resources which  can help them solve problems and move forward in life.

Adventure Development Limited has always had a strong commitment to evidence based interventions. Each programme is independently evaluated.  Both statistical and qualitative data is collected and analysed by an independent researcher and fed back into the organisation.